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In our permanent pursuit of excellence and to establish and achieve an integrated consulting service at the highest level, Safwat Nour El Din Management Consultant ” SMC” was established in 1982 to meet the various  investor’s requirements in the field of financial, economical, investment, administrative, financing and legal consultancy as well as providing integrated solutions for accounting, taxation, insurance, and governance.

We are committed to apply the highest quality control standards with experience, confidentiality, and objectivity, depending on three main factors:

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Accuracy and diligence in the performance of the business with a commitment to the timeframe
  • Our commitment to providing the highest level of services

SMC provides its services through separate and independent departments, and each department operates under the supervision and management of a specialist partner in his field accompanied by work group of specialists for optimum results.

International alliances

SMC as a founder of IFAB join Kreston International, England; one of the largest worldwide association of independent accountancy and advisory firms; currently ranking as the 12th largest accounting associations in the world, represented in over 100 countries where member firms work as one team to provide the highest quality available in their respective country. After many fruitful years with IFAB and Kreston our journey came to an end.

In 2018 SMC joined Reanda International a rising star between international accounting networks. Reanda International is one of Asia’s leading networks and Reanda International, as the first China branded international accounting network to collaborate with independent member firms from overseas countries and regions. Reanda International was ranked 20th amongst the international accounting network. Currently, Reanda International is represented by 30 network firms with more than 120 offices and 3000 professionals.


Financial & Economical Studies

SMC financial planners are able to examine the sum total of your current and future wealth and develop a strategy that not only meets your particular goals, but also allows you to achieve the maximum potential with the resources available to you.

IT & Database Software

SMC provides professional services in the field of information technology systems and database software to supply the Egyptian market with comprehensive and professional systems, according to the requirements and nature of customer’s business in accordance with the vision and objectives of the company.

Accounting and Auditing

As accounting is the language of practical business life, SMC’s accountants are highly trained professionals who can be tremendous benefit to your company. Our accountants can help you at every stage of your business life cycle providing advice for starting, growing and saving money through more diligent work process.

Taxation Consultancy

In the light of the fiscal changes and today’s global economic development, SMC has tax advisers/consultants with unparallel experience in providing commercially-focused tax advice and tax services to a wide range of clients who operate in all sectors of the economy.

Appraising & Auctions

SMC team of experts and specialists provide professional and accurate auction and appraisal services. Their expertise and detailed understanding of the current markets along with passionate attention to service is what sets our team apart from the rest of the industry.

Establish Companies

SMC can guide and support you through the A-Z of setting up your business to get you up and running smoothly and efficiently from a regulatory and compliance perspective, allowing you to focus on developing and growing your business.

Insurance & Human Resources

As we are high qualified insurance brokers for more than 20 years old, we work for you – not the insurance company. We are not tied to a specific company or a specific company’s products, but we can search a number of companies and their offerings to find the best deal for you.  We can take a thorough look at your personal needs and recommend the best coverage for you based on your situation.