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Administrative Consultancy, Financial & Economical Studies

First: Financial and Economic Studies:
· Preparation of required studies required aiming to increase the
companies’ capital by issuing premium new shares.

· Reviewing the conditions of bad companies and proposing ways of remedy.

· Study and analyze the infrastructure investment and finance for companies.

· Merging and acquisition of companies.

· Assessing the financial and documentary systems through the design of a financial accounting system along with integrated modern documentary system that has to be compatible with the nature of the company’s work, thus achieving the flow of financial operations, tighten the internal controls over the company’s operations and finally leads to achieving the Management objectives.
Second: Assessment of Companies and Shareholders:

SMC handles the process of assessing companies, shareholding companies and valuation of Fair share in order to identify the fair market value for several reasons including:

· Including of new partners and shareholders.

· Excluding any of the partners or shareholders.

· Taking over or merging of one or more companies for the formation of a new company as any of the merged companies or different.

· Merging of a foreign company and another Egyptian one in order to form an Egyptian Company.

· Dividing a company to two or more companies either with the expiration of the original company or with keeping it. In that case procedures for merging companies are to be followed in order to assess the capital where each of those new companies should have its independent legal personality.

SMC handle the assessment process using different ways, for example:

  • Adjusted book value.
  •  Discounted cash flows.
  • Dividend discounted Profits.
  • Amended cost.
  • Etc. …
  • Third: Financial Restructuring

SMC acts as a financial analyst to companies and institutions through his experienced staff that are capable of studying and analyzing the financial situation of companies and submitting recommendations with matches the economic variables using different analytical methods, including:

· Horizontal analysis of the Financial lists.

· Vertical analysis of the Financial lists.

· Ratios and other various financial indicators.

Fourth: Economic Feasibility Studies & Market Research:
A – Preparation of Feasibility Studies:

In the field of feasibility studies, SMC provides consultancy services for economic, financial and legal requirements for establishing, monitoring and evaluation of investment projects, whether new or ongoing projects by:

· Identifying investment opportunities available in Egypt, Sudan, Gulf region and the Middle East through preparation of researches, economic studies and investment Map submitted by the State concerned.

· Preparation of market studies through identifying the general features of the market, gathering and analyzing data and marketing information, determining the size of the expected demand, forecasting the project’s share in the volume of that demand.

· Preparation of technical study by identifying the production capacity of the project and selecting the suitable method of production, also determining the needed appropriate investment costs for the project from initial investment and working capital.

· Preparation of financial studies through expected revenues and costs, profit estimates and cash flows.

· Preparation of funding studies through identification of sources of financing investment opportunities and the selection of appropriate funding structure.

· Providing the necessary technical support and professional advice to entrepreneurs and managing the projects in all stages to ensure the achievement of their goals.

B – Market Researches:

SMC prepares the market studies aiming to:

· Identifying the available opportunities for companies in the local and export markets.

· Valuating the plans for providing new products in the market.

· Measuring the effectiveness of sales and marketing departments.

· Preparation of marketing strategies.

· Monitoring customer satisfaction.

· Measuring the effectiveness of the advertisement.

· This includes providing customer with a perception of the entire marketing aspects of the project topic study to enable the customer to make his decision on a sound basis. In this regard we prepare a study of that market commodity or service to be provided aiming to determine the feasibility marketing of the project.

Fifth: Financial Restructuring:

SMC develop the financial performance through enhancing the following sub-systems:

· Developing financial accounts according to the requirements of law and to fulfill the needs of the company.

· Developing of internal control systems where it comprises the development of ways and methods applicable by the company to protect its assets, verifying the authenticity and credibility of the accounting data and enhancing effectiveness in implementing operations while being commitment to established policies.

· Development of warehouses, including the preparation of an integrated accounting system that ensures tighten the company’s stores inventory control, to limit the unsold preservation of the damage and loss and also prepare a system for Stock listing. The system includes the circulation of documentary, materials, examination and receipt of goods.

· Developing costs system.

· Developing of fixed assets and projects under implementation.

· Developing customers and revenues systems.

· Developing reports system aiming to provide the necessary data for planning purposes that help the management to take the necessary decisions in a timely manner and assist in the formulation of policies and administrative decisions.

· Participating in preparation of planning balance sheet of the company where it reflects the true situation and the required strategic objectives of the company. It may also be utilized for the purpose of control and planning.

· Development of the company’s contracts and obligations’ system, where it enables the company to regulate its relations with foreign Suppliers to ensure that the rights of the company.
· Analyzing the financial performance of the company aiming to know the financial status of the company, to identify points of weakness and try to overcome with a view to reduce losses and search for available alternatives in order to increase the company’s revenues.

Sixth: Administrative Studies:

The establishment and organizational restructuring were done in accordance with the vision and objectives of the company through the development of administrative systems where it includes:

· Basis for preparation of organizational structures.

· Dividing the company’s activity into administrative units.

· Organizational construction.

· Arrangement and job descriptions.

· Preparation of regulations.

· Providing integrated administrative solutions for the development of human capacity and institutional performance to achieve excellence to our customers. This can be done by attracting and recruiting the best skills, regional and global institutions specialized in modern administrative systems.

· Placing the strategic plans of the institution.

· Application of Total Quality Management.

Seventh: Credit Studies:

· Preparing credit studies and analyzing the financial lists of companies and financial institutions in order to obtain financial facilities from banks and evaluate their performance.

· Negotiating with banks on behalf of the company to avail facilities and loans that suits their activities with suitable conditions and appropriate safeguards.

· Negotiating with the banks to obtain best exchange rates and banking commissions & charges.

· Managing and follow-up access to credit loans.

· Studying and settling any disputes between customers and the bank.

· Negotiating with banks on behalf of the company on the settlement and rescheduling of debt.

· Islamic banking, finance services through local banks and international financing institutions.