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Appraising & Auctions

First: Appraising for the banks and companies:

SMC is considered one of specialized consultant offices with wide experience in the field of inspection and guarantees evaluation, proceed marketing and propaganda with purpose of sale for all assets types, specially the following:

· Real-estate collateral (administrative, commercial and residential units, commercial, industrial , agricultural, in cult and reclaimed lands,… etc)

· Different types of goods and scrap

· Vehicles, equipment and tools

· Material and Intangible assets for clients’ activity residences.

· Estimating cost of new and existing enterprises as per current status and completion percentage.

Since the office has a number of consultants accredited by the Central Bank in accordance with the decision of the bank’s board meeting on 18/4/2006 and that since we have the expertise, competence and adequate resources can be used successfully through our service, professional and consulting, as we have in the specialized consulting offices Long experience in the field of inspection and evaluation of various collaterals.

Second: feasibility studies and consultations
A – feasibility studies:

· A detailed description of various components of the project.

· Estimate the expected investment cost of the project spread over the various items The bases of evaluation (tenders of construction works – quotations – initial agreements for Supplying & Performance)comparing both of the domestic and foreign components in accordance with the expected timeframe for performance.

· A detailed description of the production process and the various phases.

· The maximum capacity available for production according to machinery and equipment specifications to be purchased.

· Determine the operational requirements for activity.

· Identify the needs of production units relative to the expenses and operating costs.
distributed to each of the (major raw materials – supporting materials – materials and other supplies) specifying the estimating basis individually in details.

· Prevailing and expected sales prices for the project’s production, whether the domestic or export markets.

B: Consultancy:

Provide consulting and technical reports and economic studies in the field of real estate appraising and projects’ investment costs, completion percentage, the schedule along with the technical evaluation of the machinery, equipment and goods for banks, companies, authorities, courts, individuals and other consultancy firms.

Third: Auctions (compulsory and optional):
SMC is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as appraisers according to the law No.100 for the year 1957, we precede the following:

· Take the necessary procedures in coordination with most famous daily newspapers for publication of the relevant advertisements, according to the value and volume of the transaction.

· Publish the brochures to be distributed among the interested in such type of sales to assure the maximum audience for the sessions for appropriate prices traded in the market.
Oversee the operations of classification and numbering for the items raised for sale in the form of homogeneous lots if requested to do so.

· Print the book of terms and conditions, figuring the numbers of lots separately to be distributed to the session’s audience.

· The company has the right to accept or reject any tender without any objection by our side.

· Receive the primary and final down payments, charges of Trading authority, commercial taxes under the supervision of the supporting company unless otherwise is agreed upon between us.

Fourth: The Real Estate Marketing:
Contribute to the marketing of real estate and personal property sold at public auction either the Voluntary or compulsory sale for banks, corporations, authorities, courts and individuals.
Fifth: Arbitration and Dispute Settlement:

Our appraisers provide the disputed parties through their experience in the personal and public property markets through arbitration, trying to settle the dispute amicably instead of committing to the courts as much as possible.

Sixth: Contribution in conferences and seminars Organizing:

In cooperation with each of the Egyptian Society for Appraising & Liquidation and Egyptian Society for Real Estate owners Appraisers, SMC participates in organizing conferences, seminars, forums for development and promotion of the appraising profession in Egypt and the Arab World.