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I T & Database Software

SMC provides professional services in the field of information technology systems and database software to supply the Egyptian market with comprehensive and professional systems, according to the requirements and nature of customer’s business in accordance with the vision and objectives of the company through the preparation of:

First: Commercial, Financial, Technical and Administrative Software:
General accounting system is the system responsible for the financial accounts of the establishment, whether it was commercial or industrial or services or contracting. The software is designed to be adapted to service the user and not vice versa.

General accounting system receives data from other systems (such as the customers, fixed assets and human resources systems) in addition to the daily user inputs.

Systems and programs are designed by using the Oracle with its great capacity to store and recall data regardless of size or complexity.

The most important features for General Accounts System:
Effectiveness and Economy
-General Accounting System can handle data of several companies and years on a company wise where the user can work on more than one financial year at the same time.

-General Accounting System has a unique option which allows the user to obtain all his statements without shifting the data, he can also carry out closure operations to extract balance sheets without affecting accounting balances.

Flexibility for working environment:

General Accounting System allows handling data of consecutive years at the same time, while on closing the previous year, the system automatically amend beginning of period balances to be carried out during the current year while keeping record of the previous balances.

The system allows multiple detailed daily balance sheets.

Accuracy on extracting results:
The system deals with multiple currencies and exchange rates on daily / monthly / yearly basis or as required.

Facing Dynamic Market changes:
The System allows the user to design the balance sheet and financial reports. He can also obtain accumulative balance sheets for several companies at any time.

The System retains all details, even after the closure and transition to another financial period. The user may enter data at any time of the year where the system automatically updates the balances as per their dates of entry.

Maintaining Confidentiality in a practical way:

The System organizes the work through a way to maintain security and confidentiality where it allows identifying the work for each user in order to ensure protecting the data of the establishment and ensuring the privacy for the accounts.

The program provides a practical application of a trading company in order to explain the basic features of the General Accounting system and how to deal with it from the beginning: the definition of companies, accounts directory and cost centers, then data entry and deporting them and finally obtaining reports and end of period procedures.

Second: Human Resources Programs:

SMC designs design Human Resources Programs (HR) of the company, according to the latest Oracle techniques, through the following: –

A. Entering entire personal data for each staff member and his leave vacation. Printing staff personnel files to the program through the scanner so that files are kept as hard & soft copies.

B. The program calculates the monthly insurance premium for the company, as well as the preparation of Form 2 for the social insurance of the company.

C. The program calculates the amount of emergency relief fund to be paid for Labor Office per month.

D. The program calculates the amount due to the industrial safety per month.

E. The program issues various statistical reports on all existing posts, according to the needs of the company’s management.

SMC also train officers in charge of human resources department on how to use the program and how to obtain statistical reports for all employees of the company in various jobs.

Third: Telecommunications Sector Programs:

These systems have been developed using Oracle database programs, which operates the system of Client / Server, which allows flexibility in dealing with the system from any PC within the network by a user name and password.

SMC has developed several programs for telecommunications companies, for example:

Program no. I

Prepared for Systel Company where it concerns maintenance and follow-up to the private radios (wireless) since entering maintenance workshop till their exit. This comprises the issuance of financial and technical bids and invoices. That portion is divided to a number of windows pertaining to Stores, lab., additional accounts where it results to reports showing the cost per equipment and per customer during a certain period of time, letters of correspondence to customers in Arabic and English, their accounts’ statements and reports along with a report on equipments that have already been repaired but their invoices are not yet issued, or which have been finalized but not yet delivered to Customers, or equipments waiting for the availability of certain raw materials.

Program no. II

Special for accounting aspect where it is complementary to the first program as it regulates invoices for installation, maintenance, spare parts and supplies so that the former program is as an input to Program II. In this part customers are accurately followed up since the issuance of invoices, its recovery, the outstanding part of the value of the invoice and tax calculations. This program should be of a screen to enter data, a series of reports and analysis such as determining the period of the debts along with a detailed account for each customer (customer card). As well as special reports to analyze invoices over periods and customers. Also any changes occurred on invoices such as collection, cancelation and others … etc. The program also allows a total accounts balance for an identified period, a print out of the report of taxes and annual analysis for all invoices (carried over).

Program no. III

It concerns the Deployment which is a special system for constructing communication companies, where the system allows dealing with the daily tasks of the company’s engineers and technicians. It also provides customer with daily reports on the progress of Man Power Sheet formulations regarding the erection works at communication sites.

Fourth: Production and Industrial Programs:

· Main production plan.

· Resource needs plan.

· Analyzing available resources.

· Determining cost of product.

Fifth: Pre-Contract Services:

SMC provides after contract services such as:

· Providing professional integrated technical support.

· Guarantee and annual maintenance.

· Continuous development of programs.

· Regular visits to customer’s business location.