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Insurance & Human Resources

First: Common Insurance(Regular-computerized)

• Open profiles at Social Insurance Authority for new companies
• Provide our support to fulfill all required data for employees’ profile according to labor law.

• Follow payment of monthly installments along with submitting forms no.1,2,6,7

• Extract certificates of insurance, cars and employees.

• Proceed settlement procedures and submitting payment on installments for due amounts.

• Proceed settlements for pension till issuing resolution of payment

• Submit application for adding periods and follow up that till being added for employee’s profile.

• Estimate work injury and adequate pension for such one.

• Full follow up for all insurance affairs.

• Oracle software for “HR” affairs.
Second: Labor Affairs

We also precede labor cases and follow up all relating matters with labor

office besides preparing work regulations, rules and penalties.

Third: Contracting Insurance

• Our technical consultant visit company’s residence twice per month to
verify any problems, subjects that might be given for him to show his
opinion and technical consultancy for any inquiries either oral or written
within 72 hours from notification date.

• Notify the company with any resolutions of Ministry or amendments
that might be issued on Ministerial Resolution No.554 for year 2007 or
any instructions and publications as soon as they have been issued.

• Notify the concerned contracting office where the contracting location
founded and open profile there before commencement of operation with
at least three days prior according to decision of Minister of Social
Insurance relating contracting, stone pits and slatterns workers’
insurance issues for all projects of company around Arab Republic of
Egypt as per Ministerial Decision rules No.554 for year 2007.

• Settle any disputes in respect of appealing to the ratios fixed by the
Insurance office committing them to technical committee concerned
with contracting works, submitting memorandums and supported

• Furnish a statement of session’s dates, attending before technical
committee on behalf of company with support of an engineer appointed
by the company who is completely aware of project details, giving
explanations and answers for any technical requirements.

• Follow up committee’s decision with all relating details, submitting
memorandum for company, showing our opinion and recommendations.

• Provide our consultancy for company relating preparing new sub-
contractors contract forms according to decision of Minister of National
Insurance No.74 for year 1988 relevant to insuring contracting workers.

• Registration of trade marks along with all associated procedures to the
trade marks through recording, notarizing by the concerned authorities.